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For quite some time now i’ve been a huge fan of the digital & print design of a handful of high end ‘style’ publications. There are a growing number of these now around the world, all with an amazing serene sense of space and cleanliness. Those of you that are familiar with the ‘cereal’ publications will know of their awesome photography and sheer stark design that runs through both the printed material and the website creative. I thought it would be nice to focus on a handful of these examples as they are so inspiring.

Bristol based ‘Cereal’ magazine is one of the most beautiful pieces of print that you will ever see, i can't recommend enough that you all get subscribing! The content showcases design in all its forms, from contemporary wristwatches through to places of interest and furniture design. All delivered in an image heavy, gorgeous uncoated book.

The website is a great example of utilising white space and amazing imagery to create a simple effective piece of digital design. Expect content ranging from beautifully presented guides of London, Paris and New York through to some of the best photos of cornish pasties you’ve ever seen!

Cereal – Travel & Style Magazine

In a similar vein, ‘Kinfolk’ are a Denmark based publication with a slightly more ‘lifestyle’ based theme. With an equally thoughtful approach to photography & layout, Kinfolk magazine touches on subjects stretching from food & cookery through to leaping out of a plane at 14,000 feet or cutting off all your hair! Both the magazine itself and the website show a real sense of simplistic design and intriguing content.

Kinfolk Magazine

Minimalissimo’ is yet another excellent example, and the website is definitely one of our favourites. There are some really nice touches, such as some really nicely executed ‘next and previous’ article functionality; one for the code reference store!

As the name suggests, minimalissimo focuses on the minimal aspects of design, from both established names and talented newcomers. Delivering a diverse range of areas, such as art, architecture, fashion, graphics, packaging, and industrial design.

Minimalissimo - Minimalism in design

I strongly suggest you take a look at all three of these publications, and start building your collection of at least one of them; even if it's just so your bookshelf can thank you!