Simon Høgsberg

Upward Brandmark

Simon Høgsberg is a freelance photographer from Copenhagen with a really interesting take on the everyday person. I love the innovative way that he approaches his varied projects. He has done some more recent projects that caught my eye, but one that still stands out is the joyfully named ‘We're All Gonna Die - 100 meters of human existence’! It consists of a singular 100 meters long image, shot over 20 days from the same spot in Berlin way back in 2007, with only a handful of people noticing they were being photographed. Take a look.

You can look through Simon's other work on his site. His ‘The Grocery Store Project’ is also worth a look. Made up of 97,000 images and 457 people caught on different days. Take a look (if you can find time!) its a really interesting insight to people daily habits & commute.