Westbound Shipping

Website design, development & CMS

Westbound Shipping Services are a leading player in the import & export industry between the Far East, America and the United Kingdom. Many years ago we developed and launched their brand mark as a fresh young company. Since then they have grown substantially to become the company that you see today.

We were asked to deliver a new & improved online responsive platform for Westbound to showcase how their company has grown and to implement a variety of innovative new ways for their clients to use the website. One of the most innovative solutions was an interactive content managed, responsive ‘Shipping Schedule Search’ facility for clients to clearly obtain information about the range of destinations, vessel details, and transit timings for their key shipping routes.

Most recently we have also implemented an equally innovative 'Useful Tools' area with all manner of magical uses!

  • Brand creation & implimentation
  • Website design & development
  • Bespoke content management system integration
  • HTML email marketing campiagns
  • Stationary design & print
  • Signage & wall graphics
  • Bespoke promotional model making
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